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ICT Supplementary Text Book for Grade 10

ISBN 978 - 955 - 658 - 409 - 7

ICT Supplementary Text Book for Grade 10

ICT Supplementary Text Book for Grade 11

ISBN 978 - 955 - 658 - 428 - 8

ICT Supplementary Text Book for Grade 11

Information & Communication Technology Classroom in a Book

Supplementary Text Books for Grade 10 & 11

The 2015/16 revised editions include recent updates from Silicon Valley. In addition, my real-life teaching experiences in ICT classrooms have been considered and incorporated into this revised manuscript. Similar to previous books, the scope of these books is also covered in the local school syllabus (technical subject #80) for the G.C.E. (O/L) examination.
Given the requests made by many students, this edition includes an appendix containing "ICT abbreviations", consisting of more than 11,000 essential terms and phrases.

These books are organised to serve as an in-depth review for the following sections:

These books can be used as supplementary textbooks and study guides.
These books are effective as teaching guides.
Persons Interested in ICT
These books provide basic background knowledge.
Anyone exposed to ICT
Anyone encountering technical-related terms, acronyms, writings, articles, magazines, books, and jargon at home, school, or in the office environment will undoubtedly refer to this Appendix.

You can follow the books from beginning to end or follow only the lessons that correspond to your interests and needs. These books are written in simple English, and I firmly believe that they will facilitate the learning and development of ICT knowledge. The books are available at island-wide leading book stores. I have also included additional assignments separately for lessons based on practicals, and updates are included under "Lesson Blogs" on my website. Any reader in need of source codes for the abovementioned assignments may download them for free.

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