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"From Programmer to Educator"
A Journey Through Information Technology

I have been deeply involved in the Information Technology industry since 1991. My career began as a programmer, and I progressed to positions of tactical management, where I gained hands-on experience in the design, installation, implementation, and maintenance of both hardware and software systems, as well as network communication. In addition, I provided customer support and training at two major multinational manufacturing companies and two foremost foreign and local banks.

Since 2005, my primary focus has been on the academic aspects of information and communication technology. Because of the experience I have acquired, I have written and published books based on the practical application of information and communication technology, in addition to offering consulting services and delivering lectures.

As a teacher, I have been continuously sharing my knowledge with students at both schools and private institutes since 2005. Furthermore, I have incorporated my actual teaching experiences into my published books on Information and Communication Technology, including the Supplementary ICT textbook for the G.C.E. (O/L) curriculum.

Changing Lives, Changing Maps, Closing Digital Gaps ! - Chandana De Silva.

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